Remembering Playing Cards

system combines the phonetic letter and number system together with the first letter of each of the suits to create a new word and therefore memorable object.

Ten Steps to Graciousness

It produces dissension, destroys communion and tends by its narrowness and rigidity to create division among men. For legalism refuses to see truth in anyone else’s viewpoint, and, rejecting human values a favor of the abstract letter of a law, it utterly incapable of rising above its own limitation and meeting another on a superior level!

Easy Steps to Overcome Worry

The pace of life, the noise with which we are constantly surrounded, the need to keep up with others, all produce fear and anxiety in many people’s minds. Of course, some worries are inescapable.

Hints for Happiness

we should have terms with ourselves and learn self - esteem. It is difficult to like others until we have learned to like ourselves. Isn't it.

Towards New You

As we clear your Junk files form our Mobile and computers which in turn help to perform better, to be happy and productive we too need to dejunk our life.

How to Break Bad Habits

“Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters” Read to know which servants do you have?