Training & Formation

Wear a Pleasant Face

You are the centre of your own private world in which other people count for little or nothing.

How to Win Peace of Mind

Excesses of any kind upset the balance of life, and balance is part of the secret of peace of mind. So select the words and think before you express.

How to Develop Enthusiasm

Our problem is not so much to produce enthusiasm as to find the circumstances which will generate it. It is rather a by product, so to speak of several factors. Let us examine some of them

How Motivated are You?

One cannot think fear and act courageously, be bent on failure and achieve success. A lot of trouble and suffering for ourselves and others could be avoided if our thoughts were a bit more on the positive side. Petty grievances, pessimism, hatred and such feelings are good only as far as one’s destruction is concerned.

Seven Ways to Improve Your Memory

Few of the steps for improving our Memory.

How to be Admired and Loved

The Art of being admired.